Flower Delivery in Lisbon

Flower Delivery in Lisbon

If you want to send flowers to someone in Lisbon, ChefPanda is your best choice. With us you can send beautiful floral arrangements, in the comfort of your house, that we will deliver to the person you love the most in Lisbon. Here´s the most popular flower arrangements:

Ordering is very simple! You just need to go to our online store, choose the flower arrangement you want to send, choose the delivery day, and choose the time you want. On the chosen day, we will deliver at the address in Lisbon to make the day of those you love a better and happier day!

Lindo Bouquet Para Entregar

Florists Lisbon: Which one to choose

We know how difficult it is to find florists who make home deliveries quickly and effectively. That’s why we allow our customers to be able to order and receive a beautiful flower arrangement in the comfort of their home. We guarantee all the security, comfort and confidentiality of an online purchase combined with the practicality of in-store shopping!

Our flowers are always fresh 😊

If you want to surprise someone, we are the florist in Lisbon that will guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Along with flowers, we allow to send a custom cake or a little gift to create the perfect surprise.

How does this flower delivery service work?

Our online florist allows you to order for delivery in Lisbon with all the privacy in the world.

We also allow the sending of cataloged arrangements, with all the advantages of catalog items (you can view the arrangement and always have promotions), however, if it makes sense for you, we also allow the customization of an arrangement specially designed to satisfy your needs.

We will make a very beautiful arrangement and send it to Lisbon, so if you want an arrangement that is not on the website, just contact us and our florist in Lisbon will do everything in her power to satisfy your request.

Advantages of ordering flowers online to deliver in Lisbon, Portugal

Ordering online has the advantage of allowing personalized follow-up and advice from our employees (through different channels: live chat, telephone, WhatsApp, email and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram). The purchase is quite intuitive, just fill in the required fields and follow the steps until you finish.

We have several payment methods, such as PayPal, credit card or even Klarna, that allows you to split your purchases into 3 interest-free monthly payments. As a customer, you will be able to follow the entire ordering process, including real-time delivery in Lisbon. You will receive communications about all the steps including the delivery. You can also order from anywhere in the world to be delivered to Lisbon and if you have any post-purchase questions, you will have a dedicated team to answer your questions.

Entrega De Flores 2

Send flowers to Lisbon

If you want to surprise that special person who lives in Lisbon but can’t do it because you’re far away and don’t know any options: get in touch with us.

We are the Marketplace for important moments that promise to make the day of that special person who lives in Lisbon even more special!

We always have exclusive offers and options to deliver to Lisbon on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthday or even an ordinary day because every day is good to surprise someone.

Our flowers are fresh and we can make a custom arrangement just for you 😊

Flower Shop Lisbon

Whether you want to organize a surprise in advance for your loved ones or if you are one of those people who are behind schedule and like to work under pressure, you can order your home delivery of flowers in Lisbon with us today!

You can order at the day before or one, two weeks or even months before as you have the possibility to schedule the order for delivery on a certain day, which is useful for special dates and birthdays.

As soon as we receive your order, we will organize everything so that on the day and time you indicate our distribution partner is at the address in Lisbon to make your delivery 😊

You can also see where the order is on the map, in order to follow it in real time (some of the distribution partners do not have active live tracking).

Entrega De Flores Em Casa

Flowers in Lisbon – Privacy in the purchase and environmental responsibility

Because we love the planet and the flowers, at ChefPanda the whole process is online. We do not print invoices and therefore they are not sent to recipients or senders. Payments, which are made online using the method the customer chooses, will have their data fully safeguarded, guaranteeing you security and privacy.

You can also write your cheesy message as you wish because, apart from the recipient, no one else will read it!

Our motto is happy customers!

ChefPanda works every day so that the Lisbon flowers that reach our customers are always fresh and beautiful. That’s why we work exclusively with the best suppliers and our arrangements are designed and prepared with love by our florist in Lisbon.

If you need any advice on delivering flowers in Lisbon, you can contact us for customer support via email: [email protected] , by WhatsApp to +351 964270545 , through our online chat at www.chefpanda.pt or by phone to (+351) 21 049 6943 . We are waiting for you to make your delivery in Lisbon.

Entrega De Flores Em Casa Lisboa

How to translate chefpanda.pt website into English?

Just enter the site, go down to the footer and find the option to change the language of the site to the one you want.

Just select the one you want and that’s it: Have fun sending flowers to your loved ones!

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